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Unlock Your Inner Calm

  • Studio owner, Darby Dowdell received her 200 hr Vinyasa certification May 2016 after graduating from Auburn University Dec. 2015. Her life unfolded in the retail industry but, Darby continued to practice her yoga each and everyday. She traveled to Tulum, Mexico with a yoga studio she had grown to love in Atlanta, GA. Darby realized she had overcome so much in her life and hoped to one day heal others through yoga.

  • She moved to Clearwater Beach, FL Dec. 2019 searching for a yoga studio like one she had left in Atlanta. Darby says, "I decided it was my calling to open Compass Yoga when I realized there wasn't a yoga studio close enough to bike to from my condo. I sold my car to Carmax to bring my dream to life. I am all about heal, flow, & glow baby!"

Test thy balance, I dare you 😋 @compass
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